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. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outside of her parents' home in rhode island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information from her. but it has been a while now. and what i can tell you, brooke also is that fbi officials have
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island. they're trying to figure out what katherine russell did in the days before and after the attack. "the boston herald" reports that the state medical examiner has determined tamerlan's cause of death. they are not releasing the details because russell has not claimed her husband's body. as for dzhokhar tsaranev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team. judy clark, whose past clients include susan smith. and she represented the unabomber, ted kaczynski. all these clients avoided the death penalty, getting life sentences, instead. federal investigators are focusing their efforts on the female dna that was discovered on bomb fragments at the boston marathon finish line. yesterday, they searched katherine russell's home in rhode island. with more on the investigation. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. when fbi agents left the home of katherine russell yesterday, they carried out bags of evidence. they want to know what role, if any, she may have played in helping to carry out the attacks. fbi agents searched this home belonging to the family of ka
katherine hern is okay, but aaron took shrapnel in his thigh. >> he's all right. he's doing okay. please, everyone, have your prayers open, please. he needs all he can get. >> a family friend said aaron is in the hospital in boston surrounded by his parents and some friends. >> they were at the finish line to congratulate katherine, so they were just right there in the center of it. >> she knows the family through the kiwanis club. >> he's through surgery and has to remain in the hospital for a few days but he's going to be okay. >> she's been getting updates from his mom, including one tonight that said the boy suffered many lacerations, most of which were superficial, exempt for one. katherine hern said aaron will need another surgery on his thigh on wednesday. >> i feel like something's been ripped out of my heart. i wish i was there. i wish i could be there to comfort my family and to -- he's okay, that's all i have to think of. >>> and the marathon is also affecting other major sporting events in boston. the nhl postponed the bruin home game against the senators, the nba cancelled t
with scrap nel wounds. they were cheering on his wife, katherine, who was running the marathon, when both bombs exploded. >> they were at the finish line to congratulate katherine. they were just right there in the center of it. >> katherine hearn posting an update late last night saying aaron is now in the icu and he remains in stable condition. a shrapnel injury to the boy's thy will require additional surgery and the extent of the damage is not clear. >>> one bay area woman kept running into the danger zone. joann roland was just a few hundred yards from the finish line when the first explosion went off. the concord woman said she didn't realize it was a bomb until the second went off 20 seconds later. she raced to the finish line and her awaiting husband. >> i had 20 seconds. i ran to the finish line. as i was run together finish line, i saw them carrying a woman in a wheelchair that looked like she had lost a leg. >> roland and her husband are preparing to return home to the bay area tonight. she says she is too traumatized to run another marathon any time soon. our own terry mcsween
correspondent, katherine herage is working this story. what a week. i know it's not about you, katherine, but you worked hard on this story all week and we appreciate you being here on a saturday as well. what's the latest? >> we have as a team, megyn. thank you. they investigated the older brother for extremist ties. fox news was told a thorough background check was done and no derogatory information was found. but the house intelligence committee tells fox today that the fbi's contacts with the suspects and the possibility something was missed is creating discomfort at the bureau. >> there are a lot of pal pa ta -- palpitations going on with the fbi, what if anything did they miss. that's going to be heavily scrutinized. >> fox news understands all electronic traffic associated with the brothers is now being scoured, including the youtube sites attributed to the suspects which include radical islamist video and propaganda, some from imam fez, who is described as his australian's answer to anwar awahi. they will look for links for his lectures as well as the al qaeda propaganda, which p
in rhode island and leaving with bags of dna evidence. they're also trying to piece together katherine russell's every move in the days before and just after the attacks. meantime, the medical examiner knows what killed tamerlan tsarnaev but not releasing the details because the family has not yet claimed his body. as for surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team, death penalty expert judy clarke is now part of that team. she has represented high profile clients in the past and we want to get right to pamela brown live in devens, massachusetts with more on this investigation. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, john. investigators are trying to figure out whether katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, had any role whatsoever in the boston marathon attacks. they went into the home she was staying in yesterday and did not walk out empty handed. fbi agents searched this home belonging to the family of katherine russell. the widow of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev, who she married three years ago. agents carried o
with us. we're bringing in katherine heritage. katherine, the first pictures of the remains of this bomb, what sources are see saying what sort of evidentiary value. >> they have a high evidentiary value, but we know tonight and had confirmation within the last couple of hours, these bomb components, they are being gathered up and shipped down to washington, d.c. as to what is known as f.b.i. lab down in quantico. they painstakingly reconstructed kind of what you see with archaeologist. they piece it back together and that is how they understand, the model and make and that kind of information that can allow them to identify potentially the source of purchase. that is the key because sometimes you have a witness who can identify a suspect, someone who is agents go a little strange or they may have video in the store that can look at a specific time frame and find that individual. so what we've got right here is the first pictures of the puzzle pieces of puzzle and crime scene. now they are coming down to washington, going to that crime lab. they will be recement bld with a broken piece o
a more complete picture of katherine russell. >>> president obama now weighing in on the case, and is defending the job that the fbi has done, both before and after the attacks, and foxy knoxy, her memoir comes out today. what aman do knox has to say. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." help shep at 3:00 in new york city, new look at the witness dove the older suspect in the boston marathon terror attack. her name is katherine russell and these are photoses from her arrest in 2007 when police say she stole $67worth of clothing. she was 18 at the time. it happened, this arrest -- i should say it appears this arrest happens before she new tamerlan tsarnaev. they met at a nightclub sometime around 2009 and married soon after. until now we had not large much about the witness to who has largely stayed out of the spotlight since the boston bombings. yesterday the fbi confirm it searched the home where she was staying in rhode island. and last night a source confirmed investigators found female dna on the boston marathon bomb. of course we should
the history of the boston marathon. you wrote about katherine switzer iran in 1967. >> i'm glad you asked that. i have a friend from vietnam who always reminds me that vietnam is a country, not a war. i hope we remember the boston marathon as a place of history that goes back to 1897 and not just the sight of the national and international tragedy. katherine switzer is part of that history, part of what speaks to the best angels of our nature in the world we would like to live in. the boston marathon was all men through 1966. in 1967, katherine switzer decided she was gone to enter the race. she filled out her forms as kb race.r and enter the as she was running, one of the marathon organizers actually jumped off a truck and grabbed her physically, screaming "get the hell out of my race." the men around her actually pushed him away. there is a brilliant set of photographs of one man with this look on his face like he was so upset this woman was daring to run, and these other men actually pushing him away. in the midst of this the wrong, the of katherine switzer with this look on her face, focus
as machine guns, but definitely an interchange. we want to bring in katherine who is live on mount auburn street, i believe, where the media has been pushed back all night. katherine, has you been able to get a better vantage point? it looks like you have moved up a little bit. >> no we are in the same spot. we just came on to the scene a half hour ago. we were following this very, very closely, but our crew has been here all night, and it has been such an active scene. you can see what is going on behind me. you can see members of the national guard and a police officer here standing in the street. beyond that you can see a lot of flashing lights. a huge police presence in watertown right now. it looks like we have seen police cruisers from north redding and boston. a huge police presence, can't talk about that enough. you just heard from that resident, larry, and he was depicting what he has experienced so far. he said he lives a little ways down the street on mount auburn or off mount you -- mount auburn. he was sitting there and heard many, many gunshots and explosions. then he heard
. >> next speaker. >> hi, my name is katherine and i lived in the mission for decades worked at saint luke's hospital at 1580 valencia and so i have seen the demonstraters looking at this photo, the ada legislation should clear that sidewalk immediately any way. but i do want to say something as from the point of a provider and thank you, for speaking about this, i am a physician assistant and a graduate of stanford pa program and the residency program. we are trained when speaking to women about abortion. about pregnancies and the keeping the child, if keeping the child and what the possibilities of support are, we are trained as professionals i know you are and our peers are. and we have extensive training in this, and i don't think that any of these people who have spoken about how they stop women from going into planned parenthood and talk to them are trained counselors and should not present themselves as such. they are not counseling they are harassing and if there is a fear from them that 25 feet will make them yell than what happens it should be 100 feet or whatever so we can't hea
years old, katherine, originally from a community just outside of providence, rhode island. she attended school in boston from 2007 to 2010. that would be suffolk university. her parents, warren and judith russell, released a statement to the media outside their home recently, here it is, our daughter has lost her husband today. the father of her child. we cannot begin to comprehend how this terrible tragedy occurred. in the aftermath of the patriots day horror, we know we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the knowledge of the hor hor he has inflicted. please respect our family's privacy in this difficult time. neighbors believe katherine converted to islam sometime after leaving high school. she was often seen in muslim clothing. it's possible she may have been living with her parents. but here's what paula gillette had to say. she's a neighbor in that neighborhood in north kingston, rhode island. >> they're my neighbors. they're very nice people. so i have no reason to believe they would be involved in anything like this. and still i guess don't think they
fbi tiene los ojos puestos en esta mujer, katherine, una catÓlica vuelta al islam. se casÓ con tamerlÁn en el 2006 y tiene una hija de 3 aÑos, que es la que lleva en sus brazos en estas imÁgenes. los 3 vivÍan bajo el mismo techo. katherine russell que nunca se dio cuenta que su esposa estuviera mra naendz algo malo. que se enterÓ de las explosiones de la maratÓn y la participacion de su esposo, a travÉs de las noticias. ella hace todo lo posible para asistir a las autoridades, la investigaciÓn. tamerlÁn forma parte de otra investigaciÓn, por la muerte de su mejor amigo. el Único amigo estadounidense que segÚn Él tenÍa. que muriÓ degollado junto con otros 2 hombres, en un departamento en massachusetts en el 2011. la madre de los hermanos tsarnaÉv sostiene que sus hijos son inocentes. >>> lo que sucediÓ fue terrible pero yo sÉ que mis hijos no tuvieron que ver con esto. yo lo sÉ soy su madre y son mis hijos. >>> quÉ hizo el hermano mayor viaje que realizÓ semanas despuÉs que su amigo fue encontrado degollado en massachusetts. cuando regresÓ ese viaje el aÑ
, escenarios, y productra de eventos >e> l caso es único >> los abogados de katherine jackson acusaron poner los conciertos por sobre el bienestar de la salud del rey del pop, en la gira this is it, se firma el contrato y en un contacto de 30 millones de años, michael jackson pone en garanti asus catalogis de música >> el 8 de mayo de 2009, directivos de aeg contratan al doctor conray murray para cuidar la salud de michael jackson >> el 12 de mayo el doctor murray compra la primera vez del anestesico >> michael jackson no fue a un estadio, , le pidieron que cancelara, y los 30 millones de dólares lo vas a dar inmediatamente o te quitamos el catalogo de los beatles y las otras superestrellas >> quienes pidieorn la anulaion del ucio, dicen que la compañía no ejecutó el contrato con el doctor murray, y que michael jackson tenía adicción a las drogas >> sera escuchado el juicio por 6 hombre y 6 mujeres >> afirman que katherine jackson pide 4 mil dólares en compensacion, que ha sido despedido por los jackson, el monto lo debe fijar el jurado >> desde los angeles, univisión >> un jugador
is katherine hooper and i'm supporting the maritime activities in the port of san francisco. i was curious have you put your toes in the water at all to see if any donors are really interested? >> commissioner adam. >> a couple of questions. one in terms of the timeframe and being more specific about the site potential assets and site location will that be coming back to us at you're next commission meeting? >> we'll bring it back and i'll work on the exact meeting. >> i was wondering about the offer lap of the timeline. and could you articulate a bit more on the legacy benefits to the city. you alluded to them >> i'd be happy to. i think what i've learned in defining legacy is that the legacy starts with the brick and mot motor . i want that's the easiest touch and feel legacy. but there's a lot of really exciting working relationships like with tarantula sit and opening up in partnerships there that were working relationships with the coast guard. work with frankly neighborhood organizations to link them to the waterfront and sort of reintroducing a new group of people to both visitors a
is considered a crime scene and will remain closed today. wfxt reporter joining us live at the scene. katherine? >> good morning. you know our governor duva -- deval patrick says boston will be open today but it will be anything but business as usual. you can look around and see that clearly for yourself. this is yellow police tape you see this all over the area where copley bay is. something else you might see a lot of armed police officers standing here on the streets. people who are coming into the city of boston today, they have been told their bags will be checked if they take public transit. all of this changing in a split second at the finish line yesterday when the two bombs exploded. a total of 5 devices had been found. two exploded. the fbi is in charge of the investigation here. they have been calling this a criminal investigation. senior white house officials tell fox news this is believed to be an act of tearrism. there is a massive investigation going on tlau out the city. a section is on lock down. no rayses have be -- arrests ha made. a saudi man had been seen running the site o
family ties to dig deeper on. katherine russell is the widow of the older brother. investigators want to find out what she may know. tell us what did you find out about this woman. >> just in the last five minutes, katherine russell returned home to her house after a meeting with her lawyer. she went for a meeting. we know he has been speaking with some of those investigators on her behalf. perhaps we are getting closer to the point she may address some of their concerns directly. as they look at the fact that s she shared that cramped apartment with tamerlan tsarn v tsarnaev. she is devastated by this. the investigators want to know exactly what she may have known as they try to piece together what happened and try to determine when and where he may have assembled some of those bombs. that's the reason they want to talk to her. her attorney still tells us she had no idea any of this was going on. anderson. >> i mean, obviously it is understandable why they would want to be asking her questions. if she's living in a small apartment with her husband and the younger brother is visiting
to congratulate katherine. so they were just right there in the center of it. >> reporter: she spent hours on line and on the phone today tracking down information about the hearn family. katherine hearn was running the marathon while family and friends from martinez cheered her on. this is hearn's facebook picture. but her celebration turned into an emergency when shrapnel from one explosion injured her son aaron hearn. the young boy was rushed to the hospital and into surgery with a leg injury. >> aaron was out of surgery, no major vessels were injured and the news that they would have to be there for a while yet. >> late tonight katherine hearn sent this update saying aaron is in the icu but stable. one laceration on his upper left thigh needs more surgery. we'll be here about seven to ten days for more surgery. >> a number of patients will require repeat operations tomorrow and serial operations over the next couple of days. as i mentioned, a lot of the injuries are combined bony and soft tissue and vascular injuries. >> reporter: tonight the harear family says aaron will have additional surge
to speak with suspect number one's wife tamerlan tsarnaev was married to katherine russell tsarnaev. they met in college in 2010 and sometime around that time converted to islam. investigators would like to speak with her. they referred to the bombing she knew nothing about it at any time. there is no word on if or when she will speak with investigators. they are looking at a pizza cbi link to a murder, a triple murder. three men in their 20s were discovered with their throats slit marijuana on their bodies and thousands of dollars of cash left behind. tamerlan was friends with one of the victims. this happened 10 years after the september 11th attack. >> that september 11th date keeps cop poping up in conjunction with the story. thank you so much, molly. >>> time now for the top 5@5:00. the top five stories this hour. two men accused in a disturbing terror plot will be arraigned in chicago. the two planned to blow up a bridge in toronto while a passenger train traveling from new york passed by. police say the men had direct guidance from al qaeda. >> the individuals were receiving
of the question. let's ask katherine, and gary smith, and fill flynn, gary? >> i agree with our synopsis, that i think that earning seasoning be tough, what set the tone is jobs report that we got this past friday. it shows what people we have working, are not going to be spending. people consumer spending has been flat, consumer spending goes so does corporate america. i think you will see a lot of companies like alcoa they manage with duct tape and wire to patch together good earnings reports but revenues will be down that will cripple them. neil: katherine, will this cripple our rally we've been seeing with record after record market. >> this is a curious dynamic, we have seen system system hit a new -- s&p hit a new record this month, this is a drop in estimates fors for quarter earnings, and s&p keeps turning higher. and equity markets they done think too much about it. this is really i think corporate earnings have been taking a backseat to the aggressive easing fed if corporate earnings do really miss, if they miss between 6 and 10 as you mentioned, that is not my base case, but that comb
following, he quit school, wed a woman named katherine russell, and became a father. his wife's family releasing this statement, our daughter has lost her husband today, the father of her child. we cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred. in the aftermath of the patriots day horror, we know that we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. his uncle also in shock. >> he decided to take lifes of innocent people, hurt innocent people. i may believe he's pabeen full evil. he turned to be evil. there is -- even if there is speculation that there was some political views, no, there were no political views. i say there were no political based on what i know about him. and i know about that family. >> tamerlan and dzhokhar's russian father tells cnn he will fly to the u.s. in response to his younger son's capture. >> are you going to america? >> yes. >> and despite his astonishment, family is still family. and it seems the 19-year-old who police say did the unthinkable will still get help from his uncle. >> first i'll try to help by seeking forgiveness from those who he put i
brother's wife, katherine russell she converted to islam at the request of her husband and could potentially be a treasure trove of information on this man. our chief correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> reporter: that's right. investigators are focusing on tamerian tsarnaev trip to russia and whether he had contact with other suspected terrorists. republican briefed by an assistant director the bureau believed the brothers had outside help. >> the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. and every intelligence agency we have is scrambling to figure out what is coming next. who were they associated with? with these two guys lone wolves. it's cleared they were tied to international terrorist groups in chechnya. are they tied to al-qaeda? we don't know yet. >> they sent a letter to the bureau in 2011 claiming the older brother was believer in radical islam. the f.b.i. according to senator graham was aware of his trip in 2012 he traveled under an alias. sprait separately there is an islamic group that has been responsible for attacks on moscow airport. in response the group issued a statement
information. wfxt katherine parade dau is live with the latest. good morning, katherine. >> good morning. we are here in the square area where the explosions happened. you can take a look behind me and you can see this area is still very much roped off it has been in lock down ever since the explosions happened. they are continuing to process the crime scene this morning. they are reopening some of the roads around the square. officials are emphasizing they need help and they have been collecting evidence as well. you have seen some of that evidence. they have collected pieces of nylon, bibis and nails. they are asking any one with photos or videos even if they don't think they are relevant to send them into officials so they can have a look themselves. keep in mind if they have had any conversations with people. if any one mentioned targeting the marathon or having an interest in explosives or if somebody heard an explosive until the time leading up to the marathon. that is crucial information that they are asking for this morning. we are hoping to get more from a briefing this morning. >>
. >> that was a long hearing on the will. katherine harris watched a lot of it live. good afternoon. what else are we hearing from officials on the hill? >> the fbi says they believe the threat is contained in boston. the homeland security secretary saying extra precautions are in play. >> we're implementing security measures both seen and unseen at airports, transit hubs, within the maritime environment. the coast guard is providing security on the ferries in the boston area. viper teams are doing surges in terms of ground transportation and the like. >> the head of the house homeland security committee saying the fbi has a serial number from the pressure cooker that is one of the explosive devices and there are trace chemicals in the powder he says can be traced by investigators to a manufacturer. the same applies to the ball bearings. on the hill a short time ago the attorney general sag no resource is being spared in the investigation. >> i want to assure you, the citizens of boston and all americans, we're working tirelessly to determine who was responsible for this incident. to the -- i have di
continues. >> lastly the chief medical examiner here determined the cause of death for katherine russell's husband. they cannot make the information public they can't until the body has been released. no one has claimed the body. remember katherine russell whose home was searched by the fbi yesterday is the next of kin. so many more questions. hopefully we will learn more today. >> thank you so much david lee miller life for using. >> it's time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. maria is in the center tracking the severe weather in our country. >>> that's right. we are talking about a system we are tracking. it is exiting the rockies. ahead of the system we have a lot of moisture. that is producing areas of rainfall across minnesota and north dakota and east of sections of the great lakes. you need the um drel la-- umbrellas as you head out the door. that this is sever weather with wind gusts and we could potentially be seeing a cool down and even snow. this particular model produces more than 6 inches more than a foot for some of you as well across sections of minnes
in 2003 and in 2009, 2010. also tamerlan's former wife, katherine russell, got benefits from state officials, food stamps and other assistance for people with dependent children from september of 2011 until november of 2012. what's interesting about that period is, wolf, in that year, in the span of that year, six-month period is when tamerlan tsarnaev went to russia. while he was in russia, away from his wife and child, the family was getting welfare benefits for that entire year. so indirectly tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev were receiving benefits as being part of those households, both parents, first, and katharine russell with tamerlan, getting public assistance benefit as a member of katherine russell's household during the entire year of 2012 until november of that year. >> katherine russell, though, correct me if i'm wrong, her family back in rhode island prominent, well-to-do family, is that right. >> >> reporter: that's right. her father is a surgeon. we were in their neighborhood yesterday. my colleague, erin mcpike covering the situation with the family. you can tell by
. thank you. >> the next speaker. >> yes, hello, my name is katherine porter and i am an attorney and i stood here 20 years ago when the individual bubble ordinance was passed not only as a representative of a local organization, but also a representative of an organization that was a sponsor of the bill and worked with the supervisor then in crafting the language, we our intention was to draft the language as narrowly as possible. trying to not bump up against the first amendment. but still, wanting to make the law as effective and enforcable as possible. clearly, we were successful at the narrow issue, but, not so much, on the effectiveness, or the enforcebility. so, i applaud the supervisors monitoring the law, and monitoring the facts on the ground. and deciding that you all need to move forward and make an ordinance that does protect any impact on the first amendment and ensures that women have the right to access the abortions which is constitutionally provided right and we have the same objections then for the first amendment objection which often times is at base, a deep opposit
friday morning. he's married -- he was married to a woman named katherine russell, who is 24 years old, and she's been staying with her parents in rhode island. her attorney says she didn't know anything about what her husband was allegedly planning and learned that he was a suspect actually from watching news reports. chris lawrence joins me live from rhode island with more on what we know right now about her. chris, i know you spoke to her family's attorney. what did he say about what she's doing and about how she's doing? >> reporter: bottom line, anderson, he said she is cooperating with the federal authorities. we know that federal agents have been here to her parents' house several times over the last couple days. in fact, there was a federal agent, a car parked right down the street for several hours today. federal agents have also escorted her from the house at least once today. he says basically she understands why they want to talk to her, why they want to know if she knew anything at all about what her husband was doing, and if he had any other affiliations besides his young
said ability the wife of the older brother, tamerlan. her name's katherine russell. she converted to islam to marry him. investigators want to know what she would have known about what her husband was up to. a fairly legitimate question. >>> and later, how people concerned about abortion rights are reacting to the horrific murder trial of a doctor up in philadelphia that's going on right now. >>> plus, a new poll shows mark sanford in real trouble. and steve colbert's sister looking pretty good. she's the sister, of course, of the comedian. she's opened up a nine-point lead as of today over sanford. with just two weeks to go before that special election down in charleston. is sanford nearing the end of his appalachian trail or comeback trail? we'll see. >>> finally, another republican elected official uses an ethnic slur to make a point. these guys live in isolation booths. wait until you hear what that guy said. if that's not bad enough, wait till you hear what his apology sounds like, which is even worse. at least it's stupid. this is "hardball." the place for politics. she know
bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she's largely remained out of public sight since the tragedy. but she was spotted coming out of her family's home yesterday, alongside her attorney and our erin mcpike has been there and she's there this morning as well. she joins us now from the family home in north kingston, rhode island. any sighting of katherine russell or her family members yet. >> reporter: we have not seen katherine russell yet this morning. we saw her mother three times. she left with a family friend who has been coming by all week delivering dinner to the family. so her mother left. what i can tell you is we have seen a lot of the russell family's dog this week, but the only two times we have seen katie russell were tuesday morning and friday afternoon when she left with her attorneys to have some meetings, poppy. >> so you -- i know you've been talking to neighbors there as well. this is her family home. she hasn't lived there i think for six years. but what are her neighbors saying about katherine. what do they know about her at this point? >>
. get ready. first of all, we know that the fbi spent about 90 minutes in the home of katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. they were interviewing her and i'm sure erin will have more on that. in addition, law enforcement officials and other sources say that one of the things that law enforcement is looking into right now is female dna that was found on one of the trace elements from the bomb. they caution this doesn't necessarily mean anything. it could just mean that a specific female came in contact with ingredients later used to make the bomb, but of course, one of the things they're checking out is whether or not this dna matches katherine russell, tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, or even the daughter. again, they caution this does not necessarily mean anything, but they are looking at this because this dna is that of a female. in addition, we know that the mother wants to see dzhokhar. she wants to come to the united states, even though there is risk, of course, that there might be some recriminations from that shoplifting arrest that she basically tried to skirt, so she wa
that today the fbi retrieved a dna sample from tamerlan tsarnaev's widow katherine russell, at her parents' home in rhode island. just because they took a dna sample and even if hers should match the sample o the pressure cooker, it doesn't necessarily implicate her or any other particular female in terms of whether they had anything to do with the preparation or the construction of the bomb because, for obvious reasons, our sources caution us that it could also mean that a female at any time could have come into contact with any portion of the bomb maybe even before this pressure cooker was even put together. a wide range of people. so it could involve perhaps, if it's not her dna, it could be possibly her daughter's dna. that match has not yet been made. or it could belong to somebody else all together. but certainly, erin it does move this case forward. >> it certainly does. we'll find out a lot more. susan said obviously, significant development. but if it is the wife's dna, is it possible she wasn't involved? we'll talk more about that with a forensic exp
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